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In this video 2 practitioners demonstrate a Nei Gong, or "inner development" set that is modeled on ape movements and essence. Note the breathing. This set would be done before performing the "Roads."

The basics of Yuan Gong are found in the 12 "Roads." This is a video that shows 1-7 of the 12 "Roads" or forms, then an older gentleman demonstrates his version of Roads 1 and 2. After that Another  practitioner shows a form outside the 12 usual Road forms --  it may be a Flying Dragon Fist form which is associated with Yuan Gong . lastly, a man demonstrates Road 9 in the series at the end. Different practitioners do the forms differently, depending on who their teacher was, and perhaps based on  family lineage  differences, as well as inner interpretation..

In this video, Master Liu Guo Hau, 6th generation in his Yuan Gong lineage, demonstrates the 5th Road. If you compare Master Liu's demonstration to the 5th Road performed above, you can see marked differences. This video is included here to show the broad room for interpretation within Yuan Gong .

After a student learns the Basic 12 Roads, they go on to learn advanced forms. The form above is a Yuan Gong form that shows the art's connection with WuDang, the Chinese movement arts based on the Dao. It is circular and expressive, but "heavy" and very grounded, like all Yuan Gong sets.

This is an advanced form showing Yuan Gon'g's  Daoist roots, in Chinese "唐山猿功地躺拳 猿功拳 五行翻," it translates as "Tangshan ape  movement, five elements cycle, with heavy grounding, crisply done. " In translations of Yuan Gong material, the word "lying" is often seen. It does not indicate deception; rather, it means "grounding of the chi." Since we don't have an English equivalent of this intimacy with the earth, it is often translated incorrectly. This is one of the main factors that differentiates ape and monkey, or even gibbon-like forms, which project chi laterally and upwardly respectively.

Above is a Yuan Gong "Dragon" Road, followed by Yuan Gong sword.

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猿功拳 行者杖Yuan Gong Xing Zhe Zhang-Ape Skill Fist Travellers stick.

This footage shows the Wugulun family version of the Shaolin Yuanhou Gun (Ape/monkey Stick). It is decidedly "heavier" and more grounded than perhaps more modern versions, which showcase quick, light movements and clear monkey movements. The feel and movement patterns of this version of the Shaolin Yuanhou Gun seemingly has much more in common with Yuan Gong  weapon forms. (Thanks once again, WahrerDrache!)

These are only a small sample of all the videos we have been able to find and make available. For more great videos, visit Yuan Gong Institute's Facebook page HERE.

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