Our current focus is the emotional, spiritual, and physical well being of those who are working the hardest to ensure intersectional justice for the planet and all its inhabitants. Those working tirelessly in the areas of environmental, social, and animal justice are in dire need of support as they shoulder this burden, and we work remotely to ensure that we can reach them anywhere in the world. For those of us active in these areas, we know that traditional, Western counseling, with its focus on taking care of "number one" offers shallow advice and comfort for those who understand their calling is to save the threatened life all around them. This requires a deep, connected, multifaceted approach to support. 

Those of us who offer support at the Institute are not perfect. We do not operate from a "top-down" framework. Rather, experiencing a need for support ourselves over the years, and continuing to encounter the shortcomings of modern counseling, we endeavor to create an alternative. The result is a strong menu of support and coaching modalities that we have learned, with the goal of sharing what has worked for us.

As stated, our participants in need of support work with us to choose their own set of modalities, which offers an organic and intuitive approach to their needs. Below, we more fully describe our current menu of options.

Meditation (Individual or Group)

Meditation has long been an organic means of reducing anxiety, understanding connection, and finding a deeper sense of peace that ripples out through one's life.  Our feeling is that most people know how to meditate instinctively; it is more a matter of keeping a routine and sharing what one uncovers that is the challenge. Yuan Gong offers a means of helping people stay on track simply by giving ideas for meditation when needed, listening to their progress, and so forth, but also offers guided meditations for individuals and groups.

Liminal Questing/Movement in Nature

Just as in the origin story of Yuan Gong, we believe it is essential for people to spend time in nature. In the Yuan Gong origin story, Li Lungren quests for insight and knowledge from the original, primal man. One could say he was the symbolic forerunner of the modern sasquatch seeker. There is compelling evidence that moving through nature is essential for our health on all level. Questing for insight through nature, whether observing birds as messengers of the spirit, or listening for communications from the rocks in streams, is an ancient and foundational way to become whole. 

Animal Connection and Symbolism

In continuation of the ideas above, we honor the tradition of animal symbolism. While the idea of "spirit animals" and the Westernization of "totems" have often created unfortunate misappropriations, the idea itself -- that animals, through life skills or metaphor can guide and transform -- is a cultural universal among human people. Whether you need a starting point to find insight in this area or sounding boards to interpret what you learn from our animal kin, we can help you. 


Reiki is the simple but profound idea that universal energy is there to help and heal all living things. Reiki practitioners act only as a conduit and support for this energy, and the Yuan Gong currently has 2 Reiki practitioners available to aid you, whether in person or at a distance.

Interactive Discussion and Life Coaching (Individual or Group)

Many times isolation is the main stumbling block for those working to change the world. We provide processing opportunities for you, whether one on one, or, as we get larger numbers of participants together, in groups. It is our hope that people can share triumphs, tragedies, skills, and experiences in these groups. 

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